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The Amazon rainforest is under attack for a to long time. The deforestation and fires are almost out of control and experts suggest this will be probably only the beginning of a global nightmare. One of the first effects is the rapidly releasing of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which will have long-term and most importantly large-scale effects. Combating the fires is the step to manage the emergency but it’s not the only way to protect the forests. Most of the fires are a consequence of illegal activities which can be hardly fought without any economic alternatives.

STAR TEAM FOR THE CHILDREN MC together with the global operating partner MinerGreen wants to stop this destruction in order to preserve the forest and the involved local communities identity and culture. One of the founders of MinerGreen is Gustavo Zito, a Star Team Member MC since 1995.

To protect the amazon rainforest MinerGreen is promoting a different business orientation in order to be sustainable for the planet and for economy. To prevent illegal activities such as deforestation in order to get wood and new fields for plantations, MinerGreen returns this fields into a new barrier for the forest, by planting fast growing Paulownia trees.

STAR TEAM FOR THE CHILDREN MC asks you support and help to plant more paulownia trees in South America. MinerGreen will rent the land, plant and take care of the trees and show local communities the real value of the forest.

The full amount of the donations will be used to buy only Paulownia Trees.

We hope you will join us and make a donation.

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